What is OTT Platform?

OVER THE TOP application in entertainment industry such as a Netflix, Amazon Prime , Hulu , have moved the whole entertainment industry upside-down.These entertainment industry provide to video streaming services that can be accessed on laptop , mobile , Smart Television networks , desktop at any time and any where. ad free experience , reason behind the show popularity , video on demand applications ,while watching movie , TV show and any other content.
If you are think to create your own Video streaming application so in this article we provide some basic information based on Feature, statistics , Cost , development , monetization and other information that help to create your own Video streaming application .lets check out detail in below:

Video Streaming Platform – About statistics

lets discuss about statistics to give an idea of the popularity of OTT application:

1. According to that statistic ,In the future, the growth rate of Oat Oat Media will be $ 158.43 billion in 2027, Whereas in 2014 it was $ 67.7 billion.

2.There is also a report that the market revenue of Netflix is a very large OTT provider with 150 million subscribers.

3.According to a report, by 2025, Consumers will enter the video streaming service whose growth rate can be 6. 2%.

Some Key Feature of Video streaming App:

lets discuss about Features About OVER THE TOP Platform In Below :

Method of Sign In And sign Up

In this feature, consumers provide some important information to register and from this information, the user can login, the user can then see their subscription details as well as other information in their device.

Content of many languages

If you want audience world wide, then you should support all the languages of the content so that the user can suck their favorite content in their own language.


Search is a very important feature of the video streaming platform in which the consumer can choose the content they like according to the search name which includes movies, TV shows etc. It is a better experience for the speakers and you can create a better audience.

Watch List:

This feature provides users with the convenience of watching their favorite videos such as movies, TV shows later.

Screen cast:

In this feature, your content should be supported in multiple devices so that the user can see their content on desktop, mobile phone, laptop and television screen.

Payment Getaway:

This feature include user to enroll with monthly and yearly membership in your Video streaming app.

Notification :

In this feature provide notification about new content when you upload on your app and also provide notification for renewal or expiry of user membership .

You can add some more features for the user which will be based on AI so that the user can like and view your content.

How to create OVER THE TOP platform

If you want develop video streaming or OTT platform, first you need to decide which technology apply in your stack and you need to know very well in your plan include with right security system, server must be effectively work on your OTT platform, using best protocol in your streaming server.If you are create you own OTT app you need to help of third party service provider. you can contact best experienced Ott platform development company which is dedicated to your specific requirement.

What is the Cost of OTT or Video streaming App development

1.Monetization and customization of OTT app
2. Impotent features and some difficulties
3.Size and geographic location of OTT app development company or developers
4.decide platform in which develop your app and release
5.planning your technology stack required to develop the OTT app
6.A team which has experience of the development
7. Required time for the build the OTT app

basically , the to develop OTT app it could be cost price $20k to $30k and may be increase based on requirement

Monetization of OTT Platform

If you are monetizing the oTT app, then it should involve the process of maximum return of investment. Many OTT platforms take profit from subscription or membership plans and through advertisements also take profit if your show becomes popular.

Conclusion of This OTT article

Conclusion of this article is that if you want to develop OTT or Video Streaming App and that is also according to your budget. In which all types of important features are included in your app development, which will provide you maximum profit. We provide the best services to make your OTT app as per your requirement as well as provide proper monetization and customization to your OTT Mobile App hosting website.