OTT IS The On demand content for an engaged audience: Career scope in OTT platforms

India is the one of big market in the world here population is very high this is the one of best market for all the business and here is to much scope available for all the business which you are planning for start so many consumers are their for using your services here you can make lot’s of revenue through your business .

India has the one of fastest growing entertainment and media market in the world . this is different from the other market in the world . many studies shows that over the top video on demand platform is growing to much fast in the market . so many ott platform already starts in India as you can see in the market Netflix , amazon prime , voot , sony vix, jio cinema, jio movie so many ott platform has grow in this market in very less time and market is to big here you will get lot’s of space for new ott platform in this market .

How is entertainment & media market transforming day by day ?

Before coming OTT Platform television is the general tradition for all the family people spend their time in watching tv shows and here so many different channels they subscribe for watching different kind of tv shows , news , etc . and here they lost their lot’s of time in unnecessary things they watch lot’s of adds and here is the limitation people can’t take the decision what they want to watch on tv here everything is pre define by the channel owner and for you selected show you have to wait for that timing for watch if you missed the show there is very less option you will get for watching the same things .

OTT changed many things here people will get lot’s of freedom & control in their hand here is lot’s of freedom you can watch the things whenever you want here adds option very less you will get and as per your selection you can see the things and here is no issue of timing you can see the things whenever you want and so many advantages of use a ott application as compare to watching the television this will save lot’s of time .


OTT Platform Growth & Trends will continue forever

In India The government of India launch Digital India intiative in 2015 . and this is the 2020 if you compare between 2015 to 2020 here . it is considered very big role in the Indian market , all the things and all the digital business is growing very fastly in Internet  the market show massive growth trends due to influence from the many factors.

  • Massive smartphone market penetration According to Statista, smartphone share in the market was 21.2% in 2014. It has increased to 31.7% in 2020 and is set to reach 36.2% by 2022. Interestingly, TV viewership is not expected to be affected by the growing market penetration of smartphone technology. It is expected to increase the online time spent by viewers in watching their favorite TV content. More and more people are viewing their favorite TV shows on their smartphones.
  • Internet Speed & Low Internet Connection – as you can see In India Internet pricing is very cheaper as compare in the world here data pricing cost is very low in over the world and In India market now Internet speed is also good after launching 4G connection in India so many things is running properly and here the more scope available in future you will see 5G will come in very soon in the Indian market and this will gives more speed to the Indian consumers . as per the announcement of chairmen of relince industries & founder of the JIO Mukesh dhirubhai ambani in 2021 under in the 6 month all Indian will get the G speed on their smartphone this is not so far so trends will continue in this market .

Growth of OTT Platform

If everyone have smartphone & good Internet connection in their hand scope will automatically generated for the OTT apps nowadays no one want to spend time of watching television and if anyone can watch all the things as per their timing and demand than why they will move of old tradition like watching television this is the generation of internet and everything all the content on internet will views by the people .

This is the best time to start ott app in this market if you launch this earlier stage of this business you will get the good space for your ottt application in the market and so many technology company like Nwebkart already start offering for complete solution and ott app development services for the ott app startups here for your ott application you will get all the resources in your hand and you can launch your ott app in the market in very time .