Digitization of eCommerce – Scope of eCommerce in India

Nowadays, India is in a completely growing stage of development  and we need to update our business to the growing needs of the new generation.  ‘Incredible India’  has now got a new name – ‘DIGITAL India’.  There is a huge scope of eCommerce. The current generation completely belongs to e-services. Today, every business and service is going the ‘internet’ way.  Everyone prefers e-services and e-governance which are the most preferred ways to connect to the people around the world.

According to a report released by an American Information Technology Research & Advisory Corporation known as Garner, “e-commerce in India will probably exceed $6 Billion in profits by 2015, estimating a 70% growth from a year-ago”. Nearly 8 million people did their shopping from one of  top 4 online shopping websites in 2012, and the number has grown to 35 million this year. By 2016, this online consumer base will rise to nearly 3 times to 100-million, and over 50 percent of the new buyers could be from Tier-I and Tier-II towns. This makes India one of the wildest-growing e-commerce markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Nwebkart provides quality support service for starting any type of online business. Nwebkart provides complete support for developing your business through internet and to introduce and spread your business across the world in the digital mode.

Nwebkart offers the following digitization services at the most attractive prices.

Business Website Development

 Scope of e-commerce

A business website is the most convenient platform to introduce your business on internet. You can introduce all the services offered by you on the digital space along with your contact information.  Prospective clients can contact you, based on the information available on your website.

Digital shop e-Shop (eCommerce website development)

 Scope of e-commerce

Nwebkart is a leading website design as well as an eCommerce provider company in India, which offers several facilities such as building online stores, integrating payment gateways, providing logistics support and so on. The major task of our company is to provide end to end eCommerce solutions in India as well as to provide the best services to start and set up business online. Our aim is to satisfy our customers and to assist them in starting online store in India at the minimal cost.

Online grocery store (g-Commerce/ e-Grocery)

 Scope of e-commerce

Online grocery store is in a booming stage in India. This is the easiest way to sell grocery products across the cities.
Nwebkart provide complete software support for e-Grocery shops.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most preferred mode of marketing your products on the internet . Nwebkart provides complete digital marketing solutions for business through its dedicated and experienced support team. Find more at our next blog best eCommerce platform in India.

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