Top five eCommerce platforms that will customize your website as per the current market

With the beginning of 2016, the battle between the top eCommerce platforms started on a large scale with many new entries that have coerced the E-commerce entrepreneurs to redesign their website as per the current trend of the market. With the passing of each year, the toughness of the E-commerce entrepreneurs is augmenting in making a strong position among the crowd of competitors, that creating huge intricacy in gaining the trust of audiences who are the soul of an E-commerce business. Each & every E-commerce startup lands on the market with an inkling to build a strong customer base to get the success. Albeit is it crucial, but the platform on which the E-commerce website is built holds the major importance in building trust among the customers & in augmenting their number to an extent. It’s important for every start up to know about the keen aspects of top E-commerce platforms & up to how much they can meet your requirements.

Success comes with a planning & a deep research of the Online & Offline market. Why about an Offline market is being discussed over here? It’s strange, isn’t? Well, the market is abundant of E-commerce stores where every business has its own strategy to save its position in the market. Not only the online market is flooded with online stores, but, the offline market is too running parallel with it & gaining huge success. It’s shocking to hear that people running offline stores are well educated & are intellect and are well aware of this business, “how to run it despite huge competition”. Offline market is big where the customers get the trust in shopping their desired products as they are physical. But, online shopping through E-commerce websites has its own advantage.

The whole concept of online shopping based on the convenience of online stores that can block the shoppers & convince them to return back again & again whenever they find the need of a product. The convenience & console are the major aspects of an E-commerce website that can make the customers believe that they are not bullying. Being an online shopper, searching for a product is the big task & facing intricacy on it is infuriating. That’s why, one need to know, how to build an E-commerce website & what are the aspects of the top E-commerce platforms in developing a website that can hold the shoppers for a long time?

Some of the popular E-commerce platforms that must be used in building an online store website are:

1. Shopify : The biggest E-commerce platform which is known for easy setup, attractive dashboard, easy upgrading


of thousands of products & customizing the look of the website & lots more. The cheapest platform with lots of features drags the attention of E-commerce entrepreneurs to develop their website. It even allows you to move on to some other platform at the time of signup & provide you the link to import your products from the previous store.
Adding of product details, description, their titles & more is so simple that it makes Shopify the best among others & this is the reason why it is being chosen by the startups highly.


2. NwebKart : Customized features like easy integration of payment gateways, user-friendly website, high security, easy handling of admin desk & most importantly the pricing; are all created a buzz among the E-commerce entrepreneurs to develop a cozy website to build a huge customer base within a jiffy. Though others are gaining huge popularity, NwebKart has spotted its position in the minds of E-commerce startups by its hi-tech strategies. Low pricing with the integration of high-end features in developing a website helped NwebKart in creating a big spot among the top E-commerce platforms.

3. Magento : The name in the E-commerce field has sparked up recently due to its extensive features. It is the best E-commerce platform that fits for large-scale retailers & high-end websites. The high level of security & easy to customize a website with immense features like multi-language, multi-currency support & multi-storefront options help to create a website that is much better than other platforms.
Magento offers other sophisticated features that make it more reliable in developing a website such as mobile friendliness, instinctive navigation, SEO optimized website etc. The crucial thing which makes Magento the most liked E-commerce platform is its pricing. It will be in your budget.

4. Zepo : Zepo has turned out to be the most robust E-commerce platform when it comes to E-commerce website development. The latest features added in their services are good to develop a website as per the demand of the market. Yet, it lacks behind from others in giving high-end services as a website requires in its functioning. Email notification, social media optimization, search engine optimized website & user friendliness are some of the common features that most of the E-commerce website development firms integrate in a website which they design as per the requirement, but, still many useful features are lacking which can create trouble in smooth running of a website that you can find in others very easily. But, zepo is good in terms of pricing packages. It’s lower than others.

5. BigCommerce : This E-commerce platform is not less than Shopify when you juxtaposition them with each other. Shopify offers a complete package with a plethora of in-built features whereas BigCommerce is good for starters where they can store unlimited product details within the bandwidth which has unlimited space. It offers better customer support compared to others, but the only thing that pushes them back is their design which can’t help you to attract your targeted audience as you are expected. If you are in the field of HTML & CSS, then you can turn the look & feel of your website as per the demand of the market.

It’s clear that you need to put a little effort on researching about the top E-commerce platforms which are currently getting success in the market. Pull your socks & tighten your belt, as you have to find the best E-commerce platform to get a fully functional website in order to sustain in the market till the trend exist. The E-commerce market is big & is expanding day-by-day with the launch of new business every minute. It’s going to be more intricate for you to choose the finest E-commerce platform to outline your vision for the kind of store you want to build up to meet the requirements of the market. Even you have to envision whether the one you’re choosing for building your online store website could help you to cope up with the upcoming trends of the future market. It’s going to be hard for the new start-ups in the E-commerce business.