Choose the best platform for eCommerce for designing your website


While planning for starting an online business people get confused which is the best platform for eCommerce would be best to generate huge revenue within few months. They find it difficult to choose the best option from the existing ones. But, within past few years the market of eCommerce is in boom and it attracted most of the beginners’ towards it by showing the possibilities of the future market. Not only deciding which business to start with is a hectic task even some online merchants get confused to decide which is the best platform for eCommerce to start developing their website. Most of them get confused between two popular eCommerce platforms- Magento and Opencart. Both of them works excellent and offers exceptional features to assist your business grow online & to double the revenue of your business as the time progresses. Let us explore the aspects of both the eCommerce platforms individually.

Make your analysis prior taking your decision
Before deciding which platform is best to start your business with, I would like to make you aware of some basic things which could help you to choose the best eCommerce platform quickly. First thing is to figure out how much complex your business is or what is your business size. Next is to make a research on the market in which you are start selling. Both are very important to understand as it will help you to choose a platform which could meet your requirements & needs. Few other things are also there which you must include which choosing an eCommerce platform:

1. Industry leading factors
2. Cost effectiveness
3. Website management


Opencart vs Magento- A brief description

opencart is a popular CMS for eCommerce website and it is known worldwide which is also a wonderful platform for eCommerce development. Content is the king in this era and while developing a website it plays a major role in popularizing it in the Internet. So, it’s quite clear that Opencart could assist you in designing an enchanting eCommerce website within an instant. It is an open source platform which best suits requirement.
Whereas Magento is the upcoming CMS for eCommerce platform which holds the good position in designing eCommerce websites. It is also started off as an open source platform but later on it has been launched with two more solutions- Magento Go & Magento Enterprise which make a huge position among the online merchants. It is one of the amazing platforms which has shown an exceptional progress in the eCommerce website development.

Some of the major differences between WordPress and Magento
1. Using Opencart, one can run multiple stores under a single dashboard only. This is the major difference which makes Opencart more preferable over Megento and that’s why most of the business owners love to use it as it is the best platform for eCommerce. Even this helps them to expand their business in future.
2. Magento is not easy to understand quickly. It is difficult to learn as compared to opencart. The whole architecture of Magento is little complex which you need to understand deeply while managing products in your online store. Time is more precious than money and one has to pay a lot due to the complexity of this platform. So, Opencart is much better than magento in this context.
3. Opencart helps to organize the products within the store in a manner which could assist the shoppers to shop in a flexible way. If you are running an online store that consists thousands of products then this eCommerce platform can handle it easily.
4. Opencart is more beneficial when we talk about hosting requirements as Magento takes lots of space because of its architectural complexity.
5. eCommerce websites designed under Magento platform is very expensive in comparison with Opencart. Often, the pricing of customizing the website in Magento is to high.

So, I think now you get the idea of which platform is best to start a website and how much beneficial it is for getting huge traffic on it. If you still have some doubts then you must go with an eCommerce website development company like Nwebkart who can assist you in designing a website at lower cost which you have ever imagined. Nwebkart can make you better understand about the specialties and complexities of both the eCommerce platforms which can assist you to decide which is the best platform for eCommerce and how to get a website designed by any one of it to get instant traffic on it. Click here for more create online store.